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Lisa writes about entrepreneurism and business, creativity, health and wellness, consciousness raising and girls’ and women’s rising influence—among other topics. Here you’ll find details about her online writing as well as links to published articles. Enjoy!

Why Lisa Writes

Words. Sentences. Stories. She loves them all. Lisa’s been writing her whole life, both personally and professionally. Today’s technologies connect us through the written —or typed—word so Lisa started Lisa T. Wood, an online community connecting her blog, Facebook and Twitter. As creative director and blogger she curates and writes positivity for entrepreneurs, women and girls in 140 characters or more. She writes to connect people, keep her eye out for meaning in life, live her life intentionally, honor writing as a form of self-expression and to broaden her own thinking by hearing from others.

For anyone who wants to be a writer—or doesn’t realize they already are—here’s a bit of inspiration that’s pinned next to Lisa’s desk:

When I began writing, the words that inspired me where these: “A writer is someone who has written today.” If you want to be a writer, what’s stopping you?” –J.A. Jance

Author of the J.P. Beaumont crime novel series

Your voice, your ideas, your opinions…they matter…and they can change the world. Add your voice to the conversation with Lisa and others at:

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