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Lisa Wood teaches on the faculty at John F. Kennedy University. She also offers courses, workshops and retreats both publicly and to private groups. She enjoys designing custom programs, so please reach out if you are interested in collaborating with her. Here is a sampling of the courses she teaches.

Women’s Power and Promise

This course explores a rare convergence of two forces revealing women as the driving force behind a new cultural awareness and transformed national consciousness:

  1. Women’s current and historic levels of economic power and social influence, and
  2. Women’s connection with spirituality and introspection.

Do these seemingly unrelated factors put women—and those valuing feminine ways of being in the world, including men— squarely at the forefront of social, cultural, political, economic and environmental change? This class brings new inquiry to the topic of women—and feminine energy embodied by all—as the potential influence behind an emerging new leadership and culture that can enact great change.

To fully engage women’s spiritual nature based on the research reviewed in class, this course also introduces a new framework to approach a wide variety of spiritual practices to cultivate inner guidance as a catalyst for this change. We also discuss women’s changing roles internationally and the call for women to awaken globally as well as challenges, shadow implications and personal responsibility within the context of the course.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Articulate and assess women’s current levels of economic power and social influence across a wide range of demographics.
  • Understand and discuss the implications for men from the emerging paradigm shift in the value and potential of feminine attributes embodied by all.
  • Engage in an expanded discussion of the human drive toward spirituality and religion, including holistic lines of inquiry.
  • Explore and differentiate among a wide range of complementary spiritual practices to cultivate inner wisdom to ground themselves in this new women’s reality.
  • Create a customized Wisdom Guidance Practice to establish the heart of values and beliefs as a navigation system to guide their unique expression of power, influence and spirituality.

Six Domains of Consciousness

The two goals of this course are (1) To provide a recap of six domains of consciousness—transpersonal psychology, philosophy of consciousness, quantum physics, living systems theory, spiritual systems and cultural/systemic/paradigmatic and, (2) To offer the opportunity to integrate these dimensions into your own model, perspective, approach, story of consciousness—a personalized telling of consciousness, and most importantly, intimate applicability and uses in your own life.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Develop a personal language to express a deep understanding of consciousness and explain it to the larger world.
  • Use this language to identify and describe six domains of consciousness.
  • Relate the six domains of consciousness to each other in a personally meaningful way.
  • Give examples of what is or can be transformative about these cross-domain connections.
  • Articulate an interpretation of consciousness as applied to one’s unique experiences.

Starting Your Own Business

Starting a business is an appealing idea to many people today. For those interested in developing any type of start-up business, this class examines the foundational elements needed to turn a great idea into a business reality. This class uniquely honors the holistic framework within the context of starting a business and considers the mind, body and spirit as contributing equally to our work in the world.

Among the topics covered are: analyzing life values and priorities; identifying your entrepreneurial skill set; determining business goals and strategies; clarifying mission/vision/values; analyzing customer demographics, target markets and the competitive landscape; launching and managing the business; building financial success; and marketing your products and services.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Assess life values and needs in relation to the realities of being a business owner.
  • Research other businesses similar in size, scope and approach to determine the viability of their business.
  • Determine a basic business strategy, establish specific goals to implement that strategy, and set priorities to reach those goals.
  • Clarify needed steps to launch and manage a business enterprise, including professional fees, cash flow, and client relations.
  • Develop an effective marketing plan, including positioning the business, choosing target markets, and promoting/advertising products and services.

Lisa T. Wood
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