Inspiring talks about who and what it will take to tip the world right side up. Surprising insights, practical guidance and engaging conversation.

Women’s Power + Promise

Illuminates the scope of women’s influence and guides them in directing it in a healthy, meaningful way.

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Conscious Work

People are hungering for a new model of work that is meaningful, innovative and authentic. The antidote is disarmingly simple.

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Heeding the Call

The question is not are you conscious; but how conscious are you? Learn to navigate personal and global change from the inside out.

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Creativity + Entrepreneurism

Shows how anyone can cultivate these forces and unlock their potential to tip their world right side up.

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Rooted in academic study of the nature of consciousness and her own deep business experience and personal transformation, Lisa Wood points to a future rich in innovation, connection and networked problem solving. Here is a sampling of the talks she gives.

Women’s Power and Promise

The world is at a tipping point for women’s potential. The Dalai Lama famously stated that the world will be saved by the Western woman, yet most women worldwide don’t know how influential they can be or how much the world needs their talents. Women’s economic power has grown substantially over the past generation. Furthermore, women’s spiritual nature and inner wisdom influences what they do with their power ( a compelling and well-documented fact completely missing from the discussions). They are now standing at the forefront of social, cultural, political, economic and environmental issues.

Lisa’s scholarship delves into exciting evidence of women’s rising potential as well as their unique strengths and capacities that are needed now. It becomes increasingly clear too, that empowering and educating girls now will create the compassionate, creative leaders needed for the future. She examines recent shifts and unique opportunities across seven power lines: economy, business entrepreneurship, altruism/volunteerism, politics, family dynamics, education and spirituality.

The untapped potency of American women as “change agents of the future” is a top strategic agenda item in boardrooms, advertising agencies, academic halls, and public policy headquarters. Lisa illuminates for women the scope of their influence and guides them in directing it in a healthy, meaningful way. She engages women in an empowering conversation and provides an action plan to navigate these exciting times—and the “what next” part of this journey—on their own terms.

Conscious Work: Better For People, Profits and the Planet

Unhappiness is rampant in the workplace. A 2013 Gallup survey found that 75% of full-time employees can’t stand their jobs. This misery leads to underperformance in work and life and contributes to lost profits, productivity and opportunities for the organization as well as poor heath and relationships for the individual.

People are hungering for a new model of work that is meaningful, innovative and authentic. The antidote is disarmingly simple: help people bring all of their strengths, values and attention to work. When they do so, they are happier, more engaged and more creative. This has a positive ripple effect that extends beyond the individual and the organization out to the world.

Lisa’s academic grounding in consciousness studies explores the connection between people, profits and the planet and suggests how to bring them into alignment for mutual benefit. She offers structures and practices for leaders and individual contributors alike so that they can take steps to work more consciously and to greater effect. Attendees will learn what differentiates happy people from unhappy people in the workplace, how to assess and redefine their own roles, how to be more present at work and how to manage and coach others to become problem solvers.

Everyone from the mailroom clerk to the CEO has the opportunity to be a change agent and enjoy a stronger sense of fulfillment at work. Lisa engages people who know there must be a better way to do business in an inspiring conversation about how they can lead much needed change so that everyone benefits: themselves, their loved ones, colleagues, customers and the world at large.

Heeding the Call: Awakening a Brighter Future

We are living in uncertain times: the climate is changing, we are facing global economic instability, our healthcare system is strained and humans need peaceful coexistence. Increasing numbers of people are responding daily to help in ways big and small: reconciling finances, reusing and recycling, making energy-smart decisions, supporting charitable organizations, shopping and sourcing food locally, etc. For some people, that’s not enough. They feel a nagging sense that there’s something more to do, to know or to be. This is the whispering of a call to awaken. It’s the same spark that inspired a young prince to embark upon a journey that turned him into a Buddha.

Our culture is so focused on the material and external that many of us have lost touch with the wellspring of creativity and wisdom inside each of us. Behind the scenes, our everyday life is driven by a natural and seamless essence that is known intimately by mystics across cultures and traditions. It is a constant presence, yet invisible to most of us.

The question is not are you conscious; but how conscious are you? Think of the light of consciousness being turned up or down by a dimmer switch. This light is “on” in you; it is just a matter of how much “on” it is. Turning our gaze inward and making an intentional connection with our inner nature renews us, enhances meaning and helps us to create a brighter future for ourselves and the world around us.

Experiencing the power and glory of your own consciousness does not require you to live as a hermit in a mountain cave. The levels of human consciousness are rising and more people are being called to awaken and take action in the world.

In this talk, Lisa draws upon her scholarship in Consciousness Studies to unveil some of the mystery and possibilities hidden in consciousness, available to everyone. She applies mystical traditions to modern life and offers a roadmap for people who want to become more awake.

We explore:

  • What is consciousness?
  • How do you experience it?
  • Why is consciousness especially important right now?
  • Why understand consciousness beyond your own experience?

Consciousness is one gift we all share. And a deeper understanding unleashes great potential—activating your inner power to navigate personal and global change from the inside out. You now stand at the threshold to call forth these gifts. Are you ready to take the next bold step—to evolve your consciousness?

Fired Up: Creativity and Entrepreneurism For Everyone

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but creativity is the fire that sparks personal and global change while entrepreneurial spirit brings it to life. Anyone who wants to find a way out of chaos, challenge or difficulty had better get creative and take action.

Creativity isn’t just the purview of writers, artists and designers. People in those professions may have developed a process and mindset to help them create on demand, but creativity is neither a talent nor a skill: it’s a force that flows through everyone. Dr. Brene Brown’s research into wholehearted people—men and women with the courage to be vulnerable and live their lives “all in” —found them to be a highly creative cohort. Creativity is at the heart of making people happier as well as making the world a better place.

Likewise, entrepreneurism isn’t just for business founders. It’s a way of living and working that puts idea into action. Entrepreneurs see a potential and take responsibility to make it manifest. It’s about having a clear vision and fueling it with energy: whether introducing new practices in the accounting department, creating a new way to fundraise for a local non-profit, introducing an innovative teaching methodology in the classroom or developing a way to restore family time by creatively managing the nightly homework grind.

Lisa is an accomplished entrepreneur and inventor. She holds multiple patents and designed many of the methods that enable people around the world today to easily send and share billions of pictures through websites and apps and/or cell phones, computers, tablets and other devices. She speaks both from experience and scholarship about how to cultivate creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

We explore:

  • What is needed for creativity and what gets in the way?
  • What is needed for entrepreneurism and what gets in the way?
  • How do you encourage creativity and entrepreneurism in others (children, employees, communities)?

Creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit enhance all aspects of life: from how you run your family to what you do at work to how you see the world around you to what mark you make. Learn how to cultivate these forces and unleash your potential so that you can tip your world right side up.


Lisa T. Wood
Professor, Speaker + Author