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Expert’s Leadership Panel
California Institute for Integral Studies
TOPIC – Transformative Leadership

How can I thank you? You were SUCH a hit last night. Everyone in the room was on the edge of their seat as you spoke. Wow! I’d forgotten just how dynamic you are. I’ve gotten so many emails already this morning from them telling me how amazing the evening was. I absolutely agree. It was totally beyond my expectations!

– Marilyn Fowler, Ph.d
   California Institute for Integral Studies

3rd Annual Women’s Luncheon
No. California Chpater: Healthcare Financial Management Association
TOPIC – The Power and Influence of Women in Leadership

Lisa is not only a well qualified speaker but is truly engaging and personable and brings a collaborative spirit in conjunction with her dynamic personality to her presentations. Lisa shared current trends showcasing women’s rising global influence and how these aspects will change women’s leadership roles in the work place and around the world. The Committee has already reserved Lisa for the 3rd Annual Women’s Luncheon next year.

– Cindy Rudow, FHFMA
   Patient Financial Services
   ValleyCare Health System


She’s All That! Conference

TOPIC for Teen Girls – A Girl’s Guide to Inventing Cool Stuff

TOPIC for Moms – Power & Promise of Women

– The Power & Promise of Women workshop presented by Lisa Wood was very inspiring.

– Awesome…I had a great time in A Girl’s Guide to Inventing Cool stuff!

– My favorite workshop was Power & Promise of Women. Lisa T. Wood is fantastic!

– I enjoyed meeting you Saturday at the “She’s All That” middle school girls’ event put on by Soroptimist International of San Ramon Valley. You did a wonderful job speaking to the moms about “Power and Promise.”

I was so inspired by your session and I want to get involved! The power & promise of women lights me up!

– Great use of data and statistics.

– I liked the exercises and I learned that girls are inventing so much in our world.

– Great info…very inspiring.


Healthcare Finance Management Association
Region 11 Annual Conference
TOPIC – Fired Up! Entrepreneurism and Creativity in Any Organization

– I love her and her information.

– Excellent, great topic.


– Very good session; enjoyable and uplifting. Thank you!

– This was an excellent workshop!! Thank you!

– Wasn’t really sure what to expect, loved it.

– Actually can apply a lot of this and do it in a practical way, which will have impact.

– Very interactive, and very real.

Totally inspirational!

– Great speaker!

– Thank you for letting me think I can be creative.


John F. Kennedy University
Visionaries Speaker Series
TOPIC – Schrodinger’s Cat at Work: Thinking Outside the Box to Bridge Conscious Awareness and Happy Employment

Lisa Wood is a dynamic speaker delivering an engaging and informative talk entitled “Schrodinger’s Cat at Work” to an audience of graduate students from diverse academic backgrounds at JFK University. The cornerstone of Lisa’s strategy to “be the bridge” between financial reward and personal fulfillment through work is to consider one’s own core values and to find ways to express those core values in the work world – either by locating existing companies who share those values, or by starting a business based upon those core values – something Lisa has done successfully and repeatedly.

Lisa’s enthusiasm for expressing one’s core self in the world is contagious!

– Karen Jaenke, Ph.D.
   Chair, Consciousness and Transformative Studies
   Director, Ecotherapy Certificate
   John F. Kennedy University

Lisa Wood is an engaging speaker who expertly bridges the world of business with conscious awareness. Her talk, “Schrodinger’s Cat at Work,” outlines practical steps for those on a consciousness path to enter the business world with confidence and authenticity.

Her caring approach and innovative ideas spark excitement for creating success that arises from our own passions and inner wisdom.

– Jackie Jordon
   Founder, Visionaries


East Bay Women’s Conference
TOPIC – Power & Promise: Why Women Rock the World

Professor Woods’ presentation addressed issues that were relevant to our audience, folding in research, which helped us look at our strengths in a new way.

Her talk was informative and uplifting—I think we all left feeling about two inches taller!

– Sarah Chance
   Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitor’s Bureau

Our ninth annual East Bay Women’s Conference has been widely remarked at “the best EBWC to date” and your participation as a speaker definitely added to the success of the day. Your presentation “Power and Promise” was

a perfect complement
to our conference theme. The response from attendees in your session has been extremely positive and I am confident your discussion will inspire them to tap into their “power” both personally and professionally. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us. We enjoyed having you as part of this important program that celebrates women.

– Marcie Hochhauser
   Senior Vice President
   Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitor’s Bureau


2nd Annual Women’s Luncheon
No. California Chapter: Healthcare Financial Management Association
TOPIC – The Power and Influence of Women in Leadership

Lisa Wood joined a panel of two healthcare Chief Financial Officers to complete an interesting and engaging panel at our annual Women’s Luncheon held on the Stanford University campus.

All three women are successful and powerful leaders, but Lisa added a unique perspective because she shared her experience as an inventor, three-time company founder, teacher, speaker and writer who bridges high tech business experience with her master’s degree in consciousness studies.

– Cindy Rudow, FHFMA
   Patient Financial Services
   ValleyCare Health System


Wise Women Retreat
TOPIC – Power and Promise: Wise Women, Whole Women

I invited Lisa to come and speak to a group of women on retreat, as we were focusing on “wisdom and well-being.” The women were delighted and exhilarated by Lisa’s presence, her integration of business and spirituality, and her challenge to them to claim their own power for good in the world.

They left feeling inspired, strengthened, and energized.

– Rev. Kathleen McShane
   Co-Pastor, San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church


Student Testimonials

Lisa, I got the job and for the first time—thanks to being a mom and having that fuel me—and

thanks to you for inspiring me and helping me see my worth and assets; I negotiated HARD for myself. It felt SO good!! And I got everything I asked for in the end!
Every time they came to me with a counter proposal I stuck to my guns while I thought of you and your words of wisdom regarding returning to work and having the time I spend away from my son be something very worth while—both financially and energetically. I also thought about the chapter of your book I read and that connected me to a larger community of women and a movement of women advocating for ourselves and getting paid more. So thank you!

– Jessica
   Graduate Student

I am so glad that this class was done in my final quarter. Lisa is a tremendous support and gave real life clarity to the possibilities of my business plan taking off in a strategic direction.

– Course Evaluation
   Graduate Student

Lisa’s teaching was exceptional. I am now confident that I can walk away from school with the tools and knowledge necessary for starting my own business.

– Course Evaluation
   Graduate Student

Could not have asked for a better professor with real life experience and she was able to talk to each of us directly with important feedback…only sorry that there is not a part 2 and 3 of the class.

– Course Evaluation
   Graduate Student


Lisa T. Wood
Professor, Speaker + Author