It all starts here. These beliefs underpin every word and action.

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Lisa talks, writes and teaches about a range of topics: entrepreneurism, women’s rising influence, consciousness, health and wellbeing, etc. How are they connected? Here are the threads woven through everything:

Tip the world right side up

Sometimes the world feels a little off kilter. We hear a lot about how people and the planet are suffering. But a global shift in consciousness is underway and individuals everywhere are stepping up to improve things. I see people all around me doing their part to tip the world right side up: approaching problems creatively, collaborating outside the box, speaking up, shifting thinking and taking responsibility for change and action whether at home, in our communities or around the globe. I’m committed to doing my part to encourage and empower right action in our world.

Something different, something better

The world is ready for change. We see the signs everywhere. Many of us are hungering for new models of work and life. It’s time for something different and something better.

It takes just one!

We each have enormous wells of untapped power and promise. The way forward is for each of us to recognize it, use our gifts and take action.

Show up with your whole self

For us to fully enjoy and give our best to our work, lives and relationships, we need to show up with our whole selves. When we access all of our creativity, spirit, attention and values, we feel ten feet tall and can be superheros.

The future is bright and so is the now

There’s lots to be optimistic about and the data bears this out.

Women and girls rock the world

Why would His Holiness the Dalai Lama declare, “The next Dalai Lama could be a woman-that is my dream?” Women-and girls-have a host of innate superpowers that are needed now.

Men rock, too

This isn’t men versus women. Men and women are being called to work together and collaborate in new ways.

Fire up your spiritual mojo

There’s more to life than meets the eye. Raising our conscious awareness helps us “see” more so we can live, work and love better. Lao Tzu inspires me with the four cardinal virtues from the Tao Te Ching : 1) Reverence for all of life, 2) Gentleness, 3) Simplicity, and 4) Service. What inspires you?


Lisa T. Wood
Professor, Speaker + Author