Lisa Wood is a professor, speaker and writer who explores the ways in which consciously minded people (especially entrepreneurs, leaders, women and girls) are uniquely positioned to tip the world right side up.

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Inventor, Entrepreneur and Professor

Lisa is an inventor, teacher, entrepreneur, advisor and writer bridging business experience and a master’s degree from John F. Kennedy University in Consciousness and Transformative Studies. Lisa started software companies specializing in digital imaging and as Founder and Chief Technical Officer, designed many of the software methods enabling people around the world today to easily send and share billions of pictures through websites, apps and/or cell phones, computers, tablets and other devices. She holds several United States patents and managed the build-out of one of the largest SaaS digital imaging infrastructures.

With a quantifiable track record of increasing shareholder value through diverse experience in general management, innovation, start-ups, marketing, strategic planning, engineering, product development, fundraising, and intellectual property for publicly and privately held companies, Lisa provides business consultation and advisory services to organizations at various stages of growth and development. She is on the faculty at JFKU, teaching graduate courses on business, consciousness, women and social change, and she tracks current trends on the rising global influence of women and girls. She is on the Board of Directors for The Intuitive Writing Project, a non-profit offering writing and intuitive leadership programs to empower teen girls. She also started Lisa T. Wood, an online community where as creative director and blogger she curates positivity for entrepreneurs, women and girls.

Combining her business experience with academic scholarship at the intersection of business and the human experience, she presents at conferences, leads workshops and writes to empower others to take conscious action in their lives. Her wide spectrum of audiences has included women creating a better world through personal and global transformation, girls who are fired up to make a difference in the world, entrepreneurs who want to lead the change through innovation, corporate folk seeking new and better ways of working and spiritual communities interested in putting wisdom into service. Through her talks, workshops and writing, Lisa brings optimism, inspiration and insight into the lives of people who are hungering for new models of work and life.

From Technology Companies to Consciousness Studies

In the 1990s, Lisa helped to create a digital media platform and invented new standards for how pictures, video and sound are shared today. She founded a series of companies—including a software development firm that built products for OEMs and the digital imaging software and infrastructure company, PictureWorks.

Under her leadership, PictureWorks grew into successful, global business and was sold to iPIX, a publicly traded company. As Chief Technology Officer, Lisa led the corporate reorganization including re-engineering the product line and aligning the company under a bold new vision and strategy.

By 2001, Lisa was living her dream of a dynamic career and loving family life. But one day in a Board of Director’s meeting she felt a sudden and unshakeable sense that there was something new calling to her. She had a habit of listening to her intuition; it had led her to the ideas that made her business ventures so successful.

After continued listening and soul searching, she felt driven to make a change. She left her post as CTO to be home with her two children and  begin creating the next phase of her working life. She went back to grad school, earning an M.A. in Consciousness and Transformative Studies from John F. Kennedy University where she currently serves on the faculty.

Lisa’s scholarship focuses on how personal and collective awareness can drive conscious action to transform individuals, communities and the larger world. Integrating six major fields of study—psychology, philosophy, spirituality, deep ecology, sustainability and new science—her work explores the ways in which humanity is uniquely positioned to tip the world right side up.

Women and Girls as Change Agents

Lisa is committed to telling the new story of women’s power, including debunking cultural myths, revealing indicators of unprecedented success for women and showcasing women redefining power—all within a feminine values framework. She believes women are the thought leaders of the future, especially in light of evidence of women’s rising potential as well as their unique strengths and capacities—including a call for integrating spirituality—that the world needs now.

Central to Lisa’s work is her belief that one of the most urgent needs of our time is to empower girls so they mature into empowered and inspired women, ready to step into the leadership roles of the future. Girls with dreams become women with vision! She speaks at public and private events on this topic to women, men and girls and is a member of the Board of Directors for the Intuitive Writing Project, a non-profit providing writing programs and intuitive leadership programs to empower teenage girls.

Consciousness, Work and Innovation

Lisa’s experience founding and leading innovative companies gives her a strong personal understanding of the power that a conscious approach to work can offer to people, profits and the planet.

Her scholarship explores the relationship between consciousness and creativity as well as entrepreneurism. She is interested in helping people to evolve their own consciousness so that they can do more with their innate gifts in their careers, families and communities.

Awakening to a Brighter Future

Lisa has engaged in deep personal and scholarly exploration of the nature and power of consciousness with an interest in putting spirit into action to improve the human experience right now.

Consciousness is like a light on a dimmer switch: it’s always on, but sometimes shines more brightly. She applies mystical traditions to modern life and offers a roadmap for people who want to become more awake so that they can create a brighter future.


Lisa T. Wood
Professor, Speaker + Author